Digital files containing private information shouldn’t be floating around the internet. Place a copy of your passport, health documentation and car title in a place that can be trusted, Compass Credit Union's Virtual StrongBox.

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What Can You Do with Your Own Online Safe Deposit Box?

  • Access files anywhere in the world!
  • Share files securely with a spouse, accountant or lawyer.
  • Send files to Compass Credit Union instantly.

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My VirtualStrongBox is a solution created to make things easier and more secure for both personal and business.

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What Makes Virtual StrongBox the Best Option for Your Sensitive Documents?

Enhanced Information Privacy
My Virtual StrongBox users have total information privacy. The only person who can see inside a StrongBox is the customer who owns it. With other providers, you can’t be sure who has access to your files, no matter how sensitive your documents may be.
Password-Protected Links
Compass Credit Union customers can place different levels of privacy on the files they are sharing. With shared files, customers can set:
  • An expiration date to access the files shared by a personalized link.
  • A limit to the number of times a recipient can download a shared document.
  • An option to set a pin code that a recipient would need to download a shared file.
The ULTIMATE Data Encryption
The average online storage provider has limited encryption and security features that can leave customers’ data exposed. With Virtual StrongBox, all data is encrypted in transit, as well as at rest. When our customers are looking for a way to store and exchange their financial reports or other sensitive documents, they need a trusted, secure tool ensure their information stays protected.
Dedicated Storage Server
The average online storage provider mixes data from thousands of sources in a common server block. If not protected properly, this can leave customer data vulnerable. The Virtual StrongBox solution utilizes web servers and database servers used only by Compass Credit Union.

What Should You Place in Your StrongBox?

Whether it be a hurricane, fire or flood, make sure the documents you need during or after crisis are always accessible. You can’t predict when you’ll need some of the documents your store in your online safe deposit box, but Compass Credit Union is providing this service so our customers are ready to help you when you need it most.

Here are some examples of documents that need to be backed up in a secure location:

Legal Records
  • Passports
  • Copies of Driver’s Licenses and other valuable items stored in your wallet
  • List of credit cards and account numbers
  • Copies of insurance policies (Life, Home, Renters, etc.)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Copies of Wills and Trusts
  • Tax returns
  • Trust documents
Business Records
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • TIN
  • Blueprints
  • By-Laws and Charters
  • Trademark and Copyright paperwork
  • Tax returns
Personal Records
  • Social Security cards
  • Citizenship paperwork
  • Birth certificates and adoption paperwork
  • Marriage licenses and divorce decrees
  • Death Certificates
  • Military records
  • Vehicle titles/lease agreements
  • Photographs and/or a video tape of your home’s contents
  • Household inventory
  • Real estate property deeds and warranties
  • Bank and investment account numbers
  • Diploma/degree and academic transcripts
Copies of Valuables
  • Stocks/bonds
  • Coins
  • Collectibles

File Exchange with My Virtual StrongBox

Make all processes quicker and easier. Learn more about the online safe deposit box by downloading the white paper.